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We are investigating the growing commercialisation of the NHS, with support from organisations like UNISON.

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NHS needs bigger budget rises to ward off ‘perfect storm’, says watchdog http://t.co/VtZAn1QwO4 via @guardian

Revealed: Spending on private ambulances has risen by 82% in two years http://t.co/150Aqf29YO

GPC to push for more equitable funding for practices taking on medical students | News Article | Pulse Today: http://t.co/9wjoaOKOBb

It won’t be the reds, blues, purples, greens or yellows who’ll save England’s NHS - it will be us https://t.co/usRj818XZo

Mipim is about more than just housing | @guardianletters http://t.co/jXUS4vZ90D via @guardian
The route that the NHS is taking to privatisation and the broken coalition pledges that led to this.