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Report: Who Runs Our GP Services?

Is your local GP surgery actually a profit-making company? Our study found 23 commercial companies run a total of 227 GP surgeries and health centres. These companies can be given contracts without any public consultation, while thorough information on the safety and quality of services they provide is currently not open to public scrutiny. Furthermore, if they don't make enough profit they can simply pull out of their contracts. To read the report click on the image on the right.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated matter, it has been reported that the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley received a donation of £21k last November from the wife of John Nash, then chairman of private health firm Care UK - one of the main companies involved in the take over of GP surgeries. Care UK earn 96% of their business from NHS contracts, so they, and their shareholders, will clearly be uninterested by Lansley's proposals to give GPs £80bn of the NHS budget.