The founder of the NHS Aneurin Bevan said, “The NHS will only last as long as there are folk willing to fight for it." With your help we will continue to protect and promote the NHS.

You could make a donation of as little as £2 per month by direct debit, or make a one off payment - any donation you can afford will help us to make sure that the NHS is as equitable and comprehensive as possible.


Here are the different ways you can donate:

Online: Click on the donate button below to provide your credit card details via the NHS Support Federation account at PayPal.

Regular Payment Giving your support through a direct debit helps us to minimise our administration and plan our campaigns more effectively. Click on the link for details.


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What we believe

Everyone should have access to the best available healthcare - regardless of income. It is essential for a successful, fair and civilised society. Our campaigns aim to make sure we protect the NHS and its principles, but also focus on things which we could improve.

The NHS is certainly not perfect, but its excellent value and performance still makes it one of the best healthcare systems in the world. And yet commercial interests continually threaten to undermine and dismantle it - which is why we must continue to support the NHS and the people who work in it.

How your donation helps us

Your donation will help us to continue to:
investigate and research key issues that are affecting NHS services and staff

raise public awareness by publishing our findings in national and local media

run and coordinate campaigns to protect NHS services and its founding principles