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We all rely on the NHS at some point in our lives. It gives us lifelong assurance that our health needs and those of our families will always be met. This is what makes it so popular. But does it have the protection it needs? We don't believe it does, and we want to invite every NHS Supporter to join in building a public movement to watch over the NHS and ensure that it continues to provide free healthcare to all, whenever we need it.

The NHS is under constant pressure to keep up with the health needs of patients and expand the treatment it provides. But it is also subject to strong political interference with almost every change of government.

We need a counterbalance, a more influential public voice, to make sure that policies don't undermine services. To shout loudly when safety is failing. To campaign when access to care could be improved. To object when commercial goals come before patient care. To get the truth about how well the NHS is working. To argue for public views to be genuinely counted in all the tough decisions about the future of our health service.

We must be independent of political and commercial influence, and we must work towards an NHS which is genuinely open and publicly accountable. The more NHS Supporters that back this project, the more influence we can build to safeguard and improve the NHS - today and for generations to come.

While we welcome donations to fund our work, it costs nothing to join our campaign and receive our email newsletter NHS Matters. So, if you care about the future of the NHS, please sign up and become an official 'NHS Supporter' today.

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