Protecting the NHS

What are we trying to protect?

Everyone in our society should have access to quality healthcare no matter what their financial means. To achieve this the NHS needs to be comprehensive - a broad range of treatments and care, that is available throughout the country and able to meet all of our health needs.

This is possible even with modern pressures and expectations. Healthcare needs cannot be ignored and have to be paid for some how. General taxation is still the fairest and most efficient way. The alternatives are either more expensive, or are unfair and risk us regressing to a time when your income or wealth determined whether you could get the healthcare that you or your family needed. Click here for more about the ideas behind the NHS.


Why does the NHS need protecting?

The NHS was set up as network of co-operating organisations and health professionals. They all shared the same broad aim, to improve the standard of healthcare and the care of individual patients. None of the organisations worked for profit. NHS changes in recent years have undermined this important strength.

The government believes that financial competition will improve the quality and choice of healthcare. New financial rules and the creation of a competitive market now encourage private companies to bid for almost any area of NHS work. In hospital and primary care private companies are taking over the treatment of NHS patients, under contract with the NHS, but motivated by the profit that they can make.

We believe that allowing many services to be run by commercial companies is undermining the NHS. The fairness, professionalism and value that the NHS provides is already being damaged by this fundamental change.

You can help us protect the NHS by joining our NHS Supporters campaign and, additionally, by making a donation so that we can continue to investigate and challenge policy changes that threaten the quality and core principles of our National Health Service.