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Campaigning to keep our NHS Public in the North East

Save South Tyneside Hospital


Newcastle Keep Our NHS Public

Newcastle KONP launched in October 2006 in response to the Department of Health opening a commuter walk-in centre in Newcastle run by a private company, Care UK.

Contact: Richard Marx -, 07504 950788


Save our NHS Petitions - 38 Degrees

The campaign group '38 Degrees' have formulated several petitions, addressed to MPs in specific areas, to allow people to show their disagreement over privatisation and funding issues. Over the past few years, NHS funding has been squeezed so much that services are suffering. This winter, hospitals up and down the country have declared "major incidents" because they're struggling to cope. And now most hospitals are warning that their budget for next year has " reached the point where patient care is at risk. Meanwhile, the government is letting profit-hungry companies take over more and more NHS services. At at a time of squeezed budgets, this is the last thing the NHS needs. To add your name to a petition, find your nearest town below:

Blyth Valley: