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We are launching a major campaign to stop or delay the privatisation of primary care services.

The recent NHS review by the then health minister Lord Darzi confirms the intention to hand over the running of local health services to independent providers, most often private companies. Already contracts to run GP services are being awarded to companies like Virgin and the huge US corporation United Health.

These commercial enterprises (whose primary concern is, as ever, to ensure continued profits for their shareholders) carry the real threat of draining the NHS of its resources: resources we all pay for.

We want to oppose this, where it undermines the ethos of the NHS and where it takes place without the consent of the public and NHS staff, in the courts and by campaigning. With your support we will mount legal challenges and build a national campaign to protect primary care.

We have brought together a team of legal advisers and NHS experts to find ways to mount legal challenges and to build a media campaign. To this it would be a great help to add the active support of the members of the public, campaigners and NHS staff that share our concern for the future of the NHS.

Many people are already involved in efforts to get NHS services designed around the health needs of their local communities. What works in one area is not often suited everywhere. Inflexible, target driven "one size fits all" solutions are rarely solutions to anything and wide scale imposition of commercial interests within every local NHS will make meeting the real needs of communities very difficult.

By stopping or delaying the outsourcing of healthcare to private companies we want local people to have a chance to look at the alternative to outsourcing, that could use the strengths of the NHS. Our health services can be made better, but only through proven ideas, true to the ethos the NHS and which are welcomed by the public and NHS staff.

Please support the NHS Unlimited campaign, organised by the NHS Support Federation.

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