Quotes of the Day

Polly Toynbee -- "The campaign to save the NHS is the great winner ... this is the one that levers open what the government is after and what the whole thing is about. The reason why the Act was rushed forward in such a hurry, so pathetically recklessly was because it is a template for what's happening to all public services. If you can do it with the NHS, you can do it with anything and the Public Services White Paper actually says that. And yet I think politically it is entirely insane because I think this is the issue that's going to bring the government down ... When it comes to all these hospital closures in London [and elsewhere] [and the hiving off of other services] that is going to be absolutely toxic. [As the public comes to realise increasingly how severely the changes to the NHS are going to affect them] ... as waiting lists rise ... I don't think [any campaigner] could be gifted so well by any government with the material for its own self-destruction."

John Lister - "This underlines what the government is actually about, it's nothing at all to do with restoring the economy, it's about smashing the public sector..."

Dr Clare Gerada - "GP's have no right rationing care, any more than my bus driver does."

Frances O’Grady - "Our NHS is special the values that inspire are induring and the public service ethos that underpins it are unique.”

Dr Jacky Davis - “I don't blame the business people for being business people I blame Cameron for allowing them to occupy a position where they can be exerting undue influence to their commercial advantage”